For more than 2 years our ECD has worked for Nuon/Vattenfall and worked on multiple big projects including;
Redesigning the Nuon website, Restyling the logo and creating a completely new styleguide, Designing Mijn Nuon,  Mijn Nuon App, Nuon Forum, Nuon Blog & Nuon Denk Mee.

Nuon Styleguide

In collaboration with creative studio VBAT our ECD updated and fine-tuned Nuon’s logo to what is today. Next to that a whole new styleguide was produced in which we toke care of all the full digital guidelines.

Mijn Nuon

A new updated dashboard was created for the multimillion of Nuon users were they can sign in to keep track on their usage, invoices, messages and many more options. We provided all the UX/UI and visual designs.

Mijn Nuon App

In collaboration with Label A the App for Mijn Nuon was produced. Our ECD toke care of the brand and quality control and made sure the UX was easy to understand and consistent through out the complete application and that all the styling and visuals were inline with the created styleguide.

Nuon Forum

To get a better engagement with the customers and provide more options to come in contact a whole new environment was created. This new platform includes a forum, blog and polls (denk mee). The UX/UI and visual designs were done by us.

Nuon Blog

Stay informed, get the latest news and read interesting articles on energy and how to save. For this purpose we created the official blog of Nuon.

Nuon DenkMee

Nuon likes to know what it’s customers and visitors think so it can optimize it’s services accordingly. To do so we’ve build a platform where Nuon can share it’s thoughts and the users can leave their feedback. We call this platform ‘Denk Mee‘ which is Dutch for ‘Think along‘.


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