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We are a full service digital agency which means we’ve got you covered on both strategy and the execution, from content, design to marketing. We love forming long lasting relationships where the collaboration is central. We most likely will push you out of your comfort zone from time-to-time but this is how you and your product will come to light and shine eventually.


Web Design

Creating websites from scratch is where it all got started for us. With in-house webdesign & e-commerce experience for over 15 years we’ve seen technology change to what it is today and we are very eager to work with you to establish a more evolved new digital era.


Mobile Apps

Rather you believe mobile apps are the past or the future, they are here to stay. We’ve build several apps in the past and we are always looking for new challenges. Do you like to expand your business with an app or do you think you have a mind blowing concept? We are here and love to help you manifest that magic!


UI/UX Design

In the last few years just now markets have become aware of how crucial User Experience really is. For us this has always been our priority as you can build something nice but if it doesn’t work well for it’s users there is literally no use. Our motto is ‘Don’t make me think’, this helps us to create influential yet smooth user flows and interactions that will make your viewers enjoy and convert.



For marketing you are at the right place at PRETTYDAMNGREAT, we tend to be somewhat aggressive in our approach but yet always with a fun twist. Often enough this balance is key. We are not your average and do not ever like to become the usual both as persons and in our work.

I’ve worked with PRETTYDAMNGREAT for multiple years on several projects and all I can say is that I always love the way they collaborate and think along not only for their own pocket but especially that of their clients and their customers.

Great value for accessible prices, now that’s pretty damn great!

Jason van Amersfoort
CEO at Brokks